New "plug-in" Dust option for SiteHive Hexanode!

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Plug-in Dust module for SiteHive Hexanode
SiteHive has developed a new, modular version of its award-winning SiteHive Hexanode monitoring device. The option of a plug-in Dust module makes it even easier to manage Noise and Dust in the field.The SiteHive Hexanode is currently available as two product options... Read More

See all your key monitoring data mapped

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SiteHive Dashboard maps key device data
The SiteHive Dashboard provides a great visual map of areas that are being monitored, including the location of monitoring devices and their status. It allows people to see immediately where devices are, and which ones are providing data.A new update makes this even better, providin... Read More

SiteHive Enviro - a new way to work

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SiteHive's award-winning environmental management software is now called SiteHive Enviro. This cloud-based software makes it easy to manage environmental impact from wherever you are, bringing all information together in graph and image formats that provide a complet... Read More

SiteHive Hexanode Noise - easy, low-cost monitoring

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SiteHive has expanded the award-winning Hexanode family of environmental monitoring devices. The new SiteHive Hexanode Noise includes all the features of SiteHive's multi-sensor devices: it's small, mobile and provides images, sound files and direct... Read More