Product update: SiteHive Audio Classifier

Written by SiteHive, Tuesday 2 July 2024

Harnessing the power of AI: SiteHive Audio Classifier automatically identifies site activities - so you don’t have to

As an Environmental Manager, monitoring and controlling noise on site can be a tedious task.

Whether you are in charge of a major infrastructure project, a mine site or a port, so many things can trigger noise and jeopardise your compliance: planes, trains, traffic, people - even birds! As an Enviro, you probably spend a fair amount of time reviewing events to understand what’s caused by site work, and what’s not. Is it an excavator on site, or just local traffic? It can be time-consuming and tedious work to find out.

But with AI technology, there’s a new opportunity to boost your productivity and free up time.

We’ve developed the Audio Classifier, a new tool that automatically identifies what’s causing noise on your site.

The Audio Classifier lends an attentive ear to your site 24/7. Integrated into SiteHive Enviro Pro, it analyses the audio files captured by SiteHive Hexanode devices. The Audio Classifier then instantaneously compares them to a comprehensive database of over 5 million sounds we’ve collected on site to attribute the cause and source of the noise. On the SiteHive Enviro Pro dashboard, you can see what’s causing noise on site at a glance. No more listening to audio files, no more guesswork, no more wasted time. You have a clear and instant record of what’s making noise - 24/7.

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Free up your time, work smarter, achieve more.

SiteHive Enviro Pro makes it easy for you as it:

  • Measures noise across your site, 24/7
  • Classifies the cause and source of noise exceedances in real-time
  • Notifies you if a noise threshold is exceeded
  • Allows you to investigate and explain events, informed by the Audio Classifier, from wherever you are
  • Streamlines your end-of-month reporting

… so you can focus on the more important things:

  • Pro-actively take action to reduce noise generated by your site
  • Keep stakeholders informed with easy-to-share and easy-to-read reports
  • Respond to community complaints swiftly with backed-up contextual information.
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How the Audio Classifier was developed: a collaboration of experts in their fields.

We developed the Audio Classifier through a pioneering initiative in partnership with industry contractors, consultants and our long-term academic partner UTS (University of Technology Sydney).

The Audio Classifier was developed and tested in collaboration with the teams delivering some of the largest and most ambitious transport infrastructure projects in Australia. By analysing and labelling thousands of audio recordings from typical construction work sounds and the outside environment, we were able to develop a unique methodology that feeds the Audio Classifier with relevant, contextual and accurate audio files and labels. Through this innovative collaboration, we’ve developed one of the most advanced AI-powered audio classification technologies available.

Smart technology means less work

SiteHive Enviro Pro listens to your site and identifies what’s making noise, while you can focus on proactively controlling and reducing noise.

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