Product Update June 2022: Odour monitoring now in SiteHive

Product Update June 2022: Odour monitoring now in SiteHive

Odour emissions from construction projects can cause potentially significant impacts to nearby communities and stakeholders. Odour can have several sources, but it's often caused by the disturbance of nearby landfill sites during excavations or tunnelling. It can be a sign of potential health impacts, and can be disturbing to local residents.

Monitoring odour is a technically very challenging task, and is highly subjective as it's often reliant on people's individual sensitivities and perceptions. The majority of odour monitoring is undertaken as attended monitoring.

Now, you can use SiteHive to make managing odour much easier. Onsite odour measurements can be captured using the SiteHive Attended App, while on site assessments of odour can be undertaken in line with the NSW Technical Framework: Assessment and management of odour from stationary sources.

Along with the common key details of any SiteHive attended measurement (date, time, location, weather, image attachments, etc.), SiteHive odour monitoring allows users to assess and record the following odour characteristics:

  • Odour intensity: how strong the smell is;
  • Hedonic tone: what it smells like;
  • Continuity of odour: how intermittent the smell is;
  • and also document actions taken if the measurement is beyond project thresholds:

    Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 2.04.50 pm.png

    Once data is entered, the graphs in the SiteHive Attended section can be used to track trends, and identify outliers that may require further action:

    Screen Shot 2022-06-20 at 2.05.39 pm.png

    Give it go and let us know what you think! Like most features in SiteHive, this was a request from a project, so keep the ideas coming!