Product Update April 2022: Automated attended PDF reports

Product Update April 2022: Automated attended PDF reports

Taking attended noise, water, dust, vibration and odour measurements allows a subjective expert assessment of site conditions, complementing a site's continuous real-time monitoring. These measurements often need to be turned into more formal reports, including adding a range of contextual details along with the captured measurements.

SiteHive now automates this entire process, significantly streamlining the whole attended monitoring workflow.

Teams can use the SiteHive Attended application on their mobile devices while in the field. This allows the instant capture of all key data, which is then immediately available in SiteHive.

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.36.11 pm.png

Each record in the Attended Monitoring Table now has a PDF button at the far right. Clicking this button generates a PDF document of that attended monitoring result. PDFs are generated whenever the button is pressed, allowing edits to the detail of the form to be undertaken at any time, including adding additional details or attaching relevant files.

Each PDF is formatted to fit a single page, and includes information that is captured automatically, including weather at the time of monitoring, and location.

The results section shows the compliance status clearly, and breaks down the component results captured. Any attached images are also shown, creating a complete and easy to understand record for the project.

Screen Shot 2022-04-19 at 1.38.34 pm.png

SiteHive Attended is currently available for Noise and Water monitoring, with Odour, Dust and Vibration to be added soon.

As always, feedback, questions, comments and feature requests are very welcome - give us a buzz!