Product Update September 2022: Daily Notes & Site Observations

Product Update September 2022: Daily Notes & Site Observations

We heard from a number of projects that the ability to record details of what's happening on site beyond specific events would be very useful. We've responded, with two new features to help with this: Daily Notes and Site Observations!

Daily Notes is on the Dashboard (see below), and you can use it to make general comments about anything that has happened during a day. It can be used for any notes, but examples of things that were requested that Daily Notes will help with include shift handover notes; devices taken offsite for calibration; or sites closed due to inclement weather. Currently, no file attachments (e.g., photos), or location, are stored within Daily Notes.

SiteHive Daily Notes

Site Observations is part of SiteHive Attended monitoring, and can be found both when using the SiteHive App in the field, and in a new tab called Site Observations in the main Attended page (see below). Site Observations follows a similar flow to the existing Attended forms, and with each observation you can save notes, weather conditions, location, and attach multiple files (e.g., photos).

SiteHive Observations

Each Observation can then be turned into a PDF instantly for reporting purposes, showcasing the location, site activities, notes and images captured. A summary report of all Observations for a period is coming soon too.

We hope you find these new features useful, and please keep the ideas coming!