SiteHive Hexanode NATA Certification!

SiteHive Hexanode NATA Certification!

It's been quite the journey, but we've achieved our first NATA certification for the sound level meter in the SiteHive Hexanode!

The SiteHive Hexanode uses MEMS (micro-electromechanical systems)-based sensors to provide innovative software and monitoring devices that are not only easy to use, but deliver better environmental outcomes at a reduced cost. NATA certification is often a requirement of sound level meters used for construction monitoring, but the current international standards for sound level meters were written for conventional instruments, not MEMS-based solutions. So SiteHive has worked extensively with the National Measurements Institute (NMI) to test and validate the accuracy of the SiteHive Hexanode MEMS sensors in accordance with IEC 61672.

The NMI’s acoustic, ultrasound and vibration measurement services include not only Australia’s foremost experts in acoustic measurement standards, with a combination of unique knowledge and measurement capabilities not generally available elsewhere in the country, but also represents Australia on various international forums that discuss next-generation instrumentation and measurement traceability.

NMI has now provided NATA-certified calibration reports for the latest batch of SiteHive noiseboards, outlining the tests undertaken, and confirming that the SiteHive Hexanode passes the requirements of those tests.

Image credit: UTS

It's been a long process getting to this, including working through a number of iterations of our noiseboard design and various challenges along the way. So we're now delighted to be able to provide the confidence in our measurements to the people who have not only trusted us to deliver, but provided invaluable input, feedback and suggestions throughout. Many thanks to everyone who has helped and been involved along the way.


We've also written a paper, which is in the process of being peer reviewed, and will be presented at the 2022 Australian Acoustical Society Conference in Wellington, NZ. The paper details the design and testing process with both NMI and, more recently, the University of Technology Sydney Centre for Audio, Acoustics and Vibration (CAAV), and their incredible Tech Lab facility. Read more about our work with UTS Tech Lab here.

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