SiteHive Hexanode Noise - easy, low-cost monitoring

SiteHive Hexanode Noise - easy, low-cost monitoring

SiteHive has expanded the award-winning Hexanode family of environmental monitoring devices.

The new SiteHive Hexanode Noise includes all the features of SiteHive's multi-sensor devices: it's small, mobile and provides images, sound files and directional mapping in addition to real-time data. The new device also has significantly lower power requirements and a lower price point.


Low cost, low power devices

The small size and low power requirements of the SiteHive Hexanode Noise make it very easy to manage. The devices can be simply placed on site and powered by solar, battery or mains. Fully automated, they immediately deliver real-time noise data backed by quality images, sound files and direction of arrival mapping when events occur.

SiteHive Hexanode Noises are available on a subscription basis for $550 per month, making them a very economical way to monitor. The pricing includes SiteHive's cloud-based software, which provides full graphical analysis and insight into sites from anywhere.

Hexanode Noise stand.png

Your "eyes and ears" on site

SiteHive Hexanode Noise is a great option for projects that only need to manage noise, as well as for jobs like establishing background noise levels.

It's also a very economical way to capture images, audio and direction of arrival mapping across sites. SiteHive Hexanode Noise can be your "eyes and ears" on sites, delivering the information you need to see and hear what's happening - without actually having to be there.

If you'd like more information or would like to discuss how the new SiteHive Hexanode Noise could help on your project, please let us know.