New low-power SiteHive Hexanodes make things easier on site

New low-power SiteHive Hexanodes make things easier on site

From the start, the SiteHive Hexanode has been designed to be highly mobile and easy to deploy: it's small, light, robust and automated. Teams have found them much easier to use than traditional devices, and can move them around based on work requirements.

We're continuously looking for ways to develop this further, and one of the key goals for an updated SiteHive Hexanode was to make power management a lot easier, by both reducing the power requirement so that it lasts longer, and making to easier to see the status of your device in the field.

New versions of the SiteHive Hexanode currently being deployed have a new design, including a power light on the front of the device, and the early power efficiency results are significant - with a massive 75% reduction in the power required!

This translates to the same battery size lasting 4 times as long. As an example, a 12volt, 35Ah battery with the original SiteHive Hexanode device would last an estimated 5.3 days; whereas with the same battery the new SiteHive Hexanode will last 21.2 days!


When deploying SiteHive Hexanodes, most clients use a solar panel and battery combination to provide continuous power. In these instances the battery acts as a power source overnight, and as a back-up for overcast days. With a longer-lasting battery, the SiteHive Hexanode will run now continuously even if there is 2 to 3 weeks of very poor weather.

The lower power requirement of the new SiteHive Hexanode also means that a much smaller solar panel is required. We can now provide the SiteHive Hexanode with a 20w solar panel as standard, with the small size making it even easier to deploy and move around.

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 9.56.57 am.png

With this significant leap forward in power reduction, there is also now the opportunity to leverage advancements in battery technology, such as Lithium Iron Phosphate (LifePo4) or Nickel Magnesium Cobalt (NMC), to rethink the battery and mounting solution to be even easier to use. Stay tuned!