New "plug-in" Dust option for SiteHive Hexanode!

Plug-in Dust module for SiteHive Hexanode

SiteHive has developed a new, modular version of its award-winning SiteHive Hexanode monitoring device. The option of a plug-in Dust module makes it even easier to manage Noise and Dust in the field.

The SiteHive Hexanode is currently available as two product options:

  • SiteHive Hexanode Multi - which manages both Noise and Dust, and includes great features including image capture, sound recording, DoA mapping and more.
  • SiteHive Hexanode Noise - a Noise-only device that is smaller, cheaper and draws 50% less power - but still has all the full SiteHive Hexanode features.

The plug-in Dust option means that users can add dust management capabilities to their SiteHive Hexanode Noise devices whenever they want. You don't need to swap out the device - simply plug-in the Dust module.

Plugging in the Dust option takes literally a couple of seconds (see our video demo below), and the device immediately starts monitoring Dust. You've converted a SiteHive Hexanode Noise to a SiteHive Hexanode Multi!

The modular option is also great if there are any issues with the dust-capture technology. It makes it much easier to replace and calibrate the Dust device: a new Dust module can simply be plugged-in, without changing the whole device.

The Dust module is pocket-sized and light, so it can be used and transported very easily. Plus an innovation to the design means it's even better at keeping out insects!

If you'd like to know more, just get in touch with one of the SiteHive team, or contact us here.