Product Update November 2021: A major update to Events

Product Update November 2021: A major update to Events

Managing site events is a core part of SiteHive, designed to make it easy for you to identify and explain events by using rich contextual data, such as directional images and audio files.

Now we’ve released a major update that makes managing events even easier, with a new, streamlined process that’s based on some fantastic client feedback.

Choosing Events now presents a summary graph at the top of the page, showing you on which days events occurred across the month, and which aspect (noise, dust, vibration) they relate to. Clicking on this graph allows you to drill down to view specific days, providing a quick and easy way to navigate and process relevant content.

The graph can be toggled between events over time and event explanations. When a single day or aspect is selected, a breakdown of explanations added to the events for that day/aspect is shown:

SiteHive Events Explanations.png

Below the graphs is a new Events table that makes it easy to select single or multiple events, and shows the relevant contextual information in a convenient side panel:

SiteHive Events Table.png

When explaining an event, common explanations and detailed notes can now be added in a convenient modal to make it faster:

SiteHive Events Modal.png

Explanations are also now available on the SiteHive Dashboard, directly from the main graphs, making events even easier and more efficient to explain:

Screen Shot 2021-11-11 at 4.01.00 pm.png

We hope you love these new features - let us know how they work for you, and please keep the feedback and good ideas coming!