SiteHive partners with social enterprise CNS to ramp up production of SiteHive Hexanodes

SiteHive partners with social enterprise CNS to ramp up production of SiteHive Hexanodes

With high demand for our ground-breaking SiteHive Hexanode multi-sensor device, SiteHive has partnered with CNS Precision Assembly - a social enterprise that was set up to provide meaningful employment for people with disabilities. CNS is helping us to ramp up production of the internal electronics components.

Ben Cooper-Woolley, SiteHive co-founder, said, “As an organisation sustainability is at the heart of everything we do. We love working  with CNS because they are delivering a quality product in a socially sustainable way. CNS is the only NDIS (National Disability Insurance Agency) accredited electronics manufacturer in Australia.”

Helping people to reach their full potential

CNS has proven that focusing on a person’s abilities opens up a variety of benefits for any business, and that people with disabilities can excel anywhere. They have built unique organisational structures and techniques to nurture the talents of their people, while providing highly productive outcomes for all their stakeholders. The CNS teams perform critical precision assembly tasks in a manner that the majority of commercial organisations simply cannot match.

Richard McBurney from CNS says, “With contracts from organisations like SiteHive our teams are able to reach their full potential. Our employees enjoy what they do and are contributing to society - they feel they are doing something very positive and worthwhile. They are delivering an exceptionally good product.”

Continuous technology innovation leads to better site outcomes

Working with CNS has allowed SiteHive to ramp up production significantly, providing a platform to manufacture at scale. It’s also allowing the team to deliver the next generation of SiteHive Hexanode electronics, which will vastly reduce device power consumption and introduce advanced analytics.

Ben Cooper-Woolley explained, “SiteHive is continuing to develop cutting-edge technologies to help people manage environmental impacts on site - we aim to make it easier and easier for people. Working with CNS is providing us with a great product and allowing us to get innovations to clients faster.” 

“It also means we  are working with an organisation that’s creating sustainable, caring and meaningful employment for people with disabilities - and we are proud to be playing a part in that.”

Check out the great video on LinkedIn too.