SiteHive Product Update Feb 2021: Vibration Waveforms

SiteHive Product Update Feb 2021: Vibration Waveforms

To help SiteHive clients understand what's happening on their sites, we've added a new chart to Vibration Waveform Events that plots velocity vs frequency. In this chart, the frequency of the peak velocity is plotted and compared against relevant standards, including DIN-4150-3 - Vibration effects on structures.

Velocity (mm/s) is how far the monitor moves per second, whereas the frequency (Hz) helps to understand the source of the peak - hence the DIN-4150 standard has different frequency thresholds at different velocities, based on the type of building structure impacted:

SiteHive Vibration Velocity vs Frequency

This new chart is designed to help understand the likely cause of vibration and quickly explain Events for reporting and system of record in the SiteHive Events section. It's a complement to the existing velocity time series chart.

Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 4.16.19 pm.png

Modern devices (like Omnidots, Bartec MR3000C/Rock, and Texcel ETM) provide rich waveform information that lets us plot the time series of the event along with the velocity vs frequency. And even if devices don't provide this detailed data, SiteHive can still process any other vibration monitoring data, including integrations to AvaM80, Instantel Micromate, and Svantek amongst others.

If you are undertaking vibration monitoring that would benefit from SiteHive's beautiful visualisation, streamlined compliance management and reporting, don't hesitate to get in touch.