SiteHive Product Update July 2021: Portfolio Map View

SiteHive Product Update July 2021: Portfolio Map View

An increasing number of SiteHive users are managing multiple sites, often across broad geographic areas. Especially with the prominence of working from home, being able to see, and action, site activity remotely is a key feature of SiteHive. This is now even easier, with the release of the SiteHive Portfolio View Map!

Now, at the top of your Portfolio view you'll have the option of seeing your sites as a list, or map.

By selecting map, each of your sites will now show-up, based on the site centroid, which you can set/change in Site Details in any of your sites. Selecting a site will show the same useful details about aspects being monitored, number of devices, offline devices, and any events for the day that may require attention:

Screen Shot 2021-07-21 at 3.40.33 pm.png

We'll be continuing to build upon this, looking at reporting at the Portfolio level in the coming weeks, so any questions, comments, feedback or feature requests please send through.