SiteHive Product Update July 2021: Water

SiteHive Product Update July 2021: Water

The surface water aspect of your site is often a key environmental risk on major projects. Most projects monitor this risk via attended measurements and laboratory analysis, which provide the data needed - but it can be time-consuming and leaves your water data fragmented, and isolated, from other project information.

SiteHive has developed new Water aspect functionality that allows you to capture your attended water data easily, and manage it alongside all your other environmental project data. With SiteHive's graphical presentations and automated reporting you can analyse your data quickly and get the full picture of what's happening on site. And you have a complete record of all environmental data in one place.

SiteHive now allows you to capture physical and chemical stressor attended measurements easily and quickly. And soon you'll be able to automatically process laboratory assessments, including heavy metal analysis and hydrocarbons.

Attended Monitoring is a menu option within Reporting, and from here you can choose the new Water button to capture and analyse your data. To record a measurement you simply click the Add Attended Measurement button, and a new form allows you to capture data easily:


The first section of the form captures details of the session, and includes a number of time-saving features. For example, the date and time are automatically populated with the current time, and the location can be added to the map. Weather conditions are automatically taken from the nearest BoM or on-site weather station, and additional comments can be entered:

AM-DETAILS water.png

When you save the form the details are captured in SiteHive, and can be seen in the Attended Monitoring section of Reporting in graphical form. Each of the graphs can show a different captured parameter, such as pH level or turbidity:


You can select any previous result to see more detail about that measurement, and add/edit anything captured on site.

Coming soon

We're also currently working on the automated processing of lab results, which will allow a variety of common formats (e.g. ESDat, csv, etc) to be automatically added to SiteHive by simply forwarding the email you get from the lab. More details on this soon.

We hope the new Water features will help you to manage the environmental water aspect of your site more easily and effectively. As always these features are being built for you, so if you have any questions, comments or feedback please don't hesitate to get it touch!