SiteHive Product Update March 2021: Notifications

SiteHive Product Update March 2021: Notifications

Knowing when things are happening on site that may require attention is critical to making quick and confident decisions. SiteHive's Notifications feature provides automatic alerts on site events, and is available to everyone within SiteHive. So if something happens, you can be notified automatically by SMS or email.

It's easy to set up your automated alerts in SiteHive. Within Site Details you simply add the people to be notified, and choose whether they want to receive SMS or email notifications. Then whenever events are triggered, they'll receive a message with a direct link to SiteHive to investigate and explain what happened.

Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.25.12 pm.png

Notifications can be selected by aspect, so you can choose to notify each individual on all aspects, or just on noise events or vibration events, for example. SiteHive also groups the alerts together to make them easier for you to manage. So if there are multiple events in any 15 minute period you'll get just one message with a list of all the events (rather than getting lots of single event messages).

With SiteHive you have the confidence that you can get on with your daily work and activities, knowing you'll be notified if anything happens on site.

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