See all your key monitoring data mapped

SiteHive Dashboard maps key device data

The SiteHive Dashboard provides a great visual map of areas that are being monitored, including the location of monitoring devices and their status. It allows people to see immediately where devices are, and which ones are providing data.

A new update makes this even better, providing the ability to see key monitoring data on the map in real time. Users can see important values at a glance across the whole site or monitoring area, and then zoom in or investigate if required.

data map 2.png

You can choose to see Direction of Arrival (DoA) data for Noise and Dust monitoring, and also daily average or maximum values for Noise (LaQeq), Dust (PM10) and Vibration (vSum).

Users can toggle quickly between the different views, to see exactly what's happening, and where.


The map can be viewed in different styles too, to make area or building identification easy. You can choose from satellite view (streets or dark), outdoors (as in the example below) or the MetroMap.


This device data mapping feature makes it easy to see what's happening on sites and locations in real time, helping users to pinpoint exactly where events are occuring.

To see how this feature, and thousands more like it, can help your environmental monitoring, contact SiteHive.