SiteHive Enviro - a new way to work

SiteHive Enviro - a new way to work

SiteHive's award-winning environmental management software is now called SiteHive Enviro. This cloud-based software makes it easy to manage environmental impact from wherever you are, bringing all information together in graph and image formats that provide a complete picture of what's happening on site.

SiteHive Enviro comes in two versions: SiteHive Enviro and SiteHive Enviro Pro.

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SiteHive Enviro includes all the core elements for managing environmental impact, including Dashboard, Reporting, Notifications and more. Information is presented in graphical and image formats, so you can see at a glance what's happening on site. The software automates key processes, making it very quick and easy to manage environmental aspects.

SiteHive Enviro's innovative features allow you to work in new ways. Directional mapping shows where noise and dust is coming from, while images and audio files make it easy to identify the causes of events. Automatic alerts let you know if there are any issues you need to address, so you can focus on other work knowing that SiteHive is monitoring issues for you.

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SiteHive Enviro Pro adds advanced features, including managing a complete system of record with Events, capturing data in the field with the SiteHive Attended App and integrating all of your own existing noise, dust and vibration devices. This allows projects to get the benefits of using SiteHive's award-winning software with vibration, water and other data.

With SiteHive Enviro you know what's happening on site all the time - from wherever you are. People have the information they need to make immediate and confident decisions, allowing the proactive management of environmental impact.

SiteHive Enviro is included as standard with all SiteHive Hexanode devices. If you need the added functionality of SiteHive Enviro Pro it can be added for $500 per month.

For more information or a demo, contact SiteHive.