Healthy Waters Project, St Marys Bay, Auckland

Contractor: McConnell Dowell

McConnell Dowell used SiteHive to monitor and manage environmental impacts and reduce project costs while building major pipeline infrastructure to protect the waters and beaches of Auckland.

Noise, dust and vibration managed together in one place

The team used SiteHive cloud software to manage environmental factors, with data provided by SiteHive Hexanodes and other monitoring devices.

A full record of site events with 24/7 data

Having a complete record of what happened on site allowed the team to respond to the community with confidence and security.

Reduction in project costs

The team was able to do all monitoring themselves easily, with no need for consultants.

St Marys Bay is an inner coastal suburb of Auckland, and one of New Zealand’s oldest and most historic areas. As part of its Healthy Waters management plan, Auckland Council commissioned McConnell Dowell to build infrastructure that would improve wastewater management and water quality in the area.

The maritime project involves laying over 1km of pipeline in St Marys Bay to eliminate three marine outfalls, including building a 450m marine outfall pipeline to deliver overflow further away from the coast, as well as renewal of a failing stormwater outfall.

McConnell Dowell is lead contractor on the project, and provides all works including tunnelling, shafts, drainage and concreting. It’s a $44 million project that’s been running for almost 2 years and is due to finish in 2021.

Managing works in a busy residential area

One issue for the project team is managing environmental impact at tunnel work sites. The team have consented noise levels that they need to stay within, as well as specific hours they are allowed to work. The McConnell Dowell team needs to ensure the community is not impacted.

In particular, one of the tunnel shafts is a challenge, as it’s situated in a very tight space in a crowded residential area - with houses in close proximity.
Henry McKee, Site Engineer on the project, explains, “Having a 25m deep hole in a small residential space is difficult, and we needed to make sure we managed the noise and vibration levels throughout the works.”

To do this, McConnell Dowell implemented SiteHive. They use SiteHive cloud-based software to visualise and manage the environmental impacts, linking through to a SiteHive Hexanode for noise monitoring and a Bartec Rock unit for vibration data.

Continuous, real-time data provides a complete record of site events

SiteHive allows the team to see what’s happening on site and monitor the environmental impacts all the time, rather than just in snapshots. This gives them confidence and security when dealing with residents and other stakeholders.

Henry explains, “We are managing works in a tight residential area, and using SiteHive means that we can monitor noise levels continuously. In the past we would have had to take a snapshot of noise levels, but SiteHive is really useful because we can monitor all the time.”

Having a full record of all the data gives us security. If we get complaints from residents we have the data to show exactly what happened. For example, we may be able to show that a noise was for a short period, or that it wasn't a site issue. It's nice having all the data there knowing you can respond well to the community.

Henry McKee - Site Engineer, McConnell Dowell

Significant time and cost savings

Using SiteHive has also allowed the team to save on project costs. Before SiteHive they would use external consultants to do some of the monitoring, particularly if they received community complaints. Now SiteHive has removed the need for consultants.

Henry says, “With SiteHive there’s no need to have consultants, so it saves us both costs and time. We don’t have to spend time with consultants, and we don’t have to do the monitoring ourselves.”

SiteHive has proved a very cost-effective way for McConnell Dowell to keep residents informed as they work to bring healthier waters and better beaches to St Marys Bay.

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