Manage all your data in one place

Connect your monitoring devices to SiteHive software and make it easy to manage all your noise, dust, vibration and water data.

By using SiteHive we have the ability to link to a variety of equipment. It means we can choose the equipment that’s right for us and the job. We are not constrained.

SiteHive is an open ecosystem - which means you can connect all your environmental monitoring devices and manage them easily from the SiteHive dashboard. Everything is in one place, and you get all the SiteHive benefits of automated data processing, graphical analysis, easy reporting, attended monitoring and more - across all your data and all your sites.


Key noise paramaters, multiple integration periods and audio recordings fully supported.


Particulate measurements, supplemented with rolling and cumulative averages.


Dominant frequency; peak particle velocity (PPV); and vibration dose value (VDV) all fully supported.


Capture attended data; automatic upload of lab assessments; graph and report on pH, turbidity, oxygen, salinity, temperature and more.


Live daily weather and historical data from BoM or on-site weather stations - included with any aspect. Temperature, wind, rainfall.

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