SiteHive real-time environmental monitoring and management delivers a step-change in how people work. From setting up on site, through to event management and reporting, SiteHive makes things easier on every level. SiteHive gives you management and insight across your whole site. All while keeping costs low.

SiteHive Hexanode devices

The SiteHive Hexanode family of devices deliver real-time data and rich contextual information

Easy to use devices

SiteHive Hexanodes are small, lightweight and fully automated. Simply place on site and they start delivering data in real time.

Rich contextual data

SiteHive Hexanodes capture images and sound files when events occur. Directional monitoring creates sound and dust maps. So you have a complete visual picture of what's happening on site.

Choice of devices

SiteHive Hexanode Multi - innovative noise and dust monitoring in one compact device.
SiteHive Hexanode Noise - noise monitoring in a low cost, low power device.
Your devices - can be linked to have all your data in one place.


SiteHive Enviro software

The information you need, at your fingertips.

Reduce time and effort

SiteHive Enviro brings all information into one place, making it easy to manage and act. Time spent collecting, managing and understanding data is dramatically reduced. Reporting is automated and takes minutes, not hours.

Stay connected to site, wherever you are

Graphs and images show you exactly what's happening across your site, 24/7. Sound maps, audio and images help investigate and explain events. And because SiteHive Enviro is cloud software, you and your teams can access it from anywhere, and from any device.

Confidence in your decisions

With SiteHive you can make informed decisions, based on real data from site. You have the information you need to make decisions in the moment and proactively manage events.


Identify the sources of noise easily: real-time data; sound maps; site images; direction of arrival; graphical reporting.


Particulate measurements, supplemented with rolling and cumulative averages. Graphical reporting makes it easy to understand.


Dominant frequency; peak particle velocity (PPV); and vibration dose value (VDV) all fully supported.


Capture attended data; automatic upload of lab assessments; graph & report on pH, turbidity, oxygen, salinity, temperature and more.


Know the weather, every day. SiteHive includes live and historical data from BoM or on-site weather stations.

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ISC Certified

SiteHive is certified by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council (ISC) as an iSupply provider and has obtained credits for an Australian First Market Transformation.