You'll find SiteHive on Federal infrastructure, State-significant, and private developments across industries including aviation, rail, road, and commercial property. SiteHive is trusted by all the Tier 1 contractors across Australia and New Zealand, and many more contractors and consultants of all sizes.

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This is very impressive, it'll save me hours of time.
Charlotte Ridley - Environmental Coordinator, Laing O Rourke
Holy cow! This is amazing. Enviros like me commiserate on all the days and hours of time we’ve wasted chasing down data, driving around back blocks, dragging things through the mud.
Kelie Pittaway - ex. Group Head of Environment, CPB Contractors
By using SiteHive we have the ability to link to a variety of equipment. It means we can choose the equipment that’s right for us and the job.
Jon May - Environment and Sustainability Lead, CPBACC JV
Using SiteHive has been a huge time saving. In the past we would have to download data and convert it into the right format for each device. Now it’s automatic - the data is right there and it’s put against our rules. It’s a big saving just on that - probably a day a month.
Claire Macpherson - CPBACC JV
With SiteHive we can now see the site in real time. We know if there’s an issue and we can investigate it and address it immediately.
Claire Macpherson - CPBACC JV

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