We Enable Sustainable Urbanism

Measuring and managing environmental impact

Keeping compliant

Environmental compliance is critical to maintaining business operations by avoiding costly fines and delays

Controlling costs

Environmental monitoring costs can quickly add up and erode margins when collecting, analysing and visualising data

Managing stakeholders

Urban construction projects and operations face increasing stakeholder scrutiny related to environmental impacts

SiteHive Platform

Realtime Environmental Management

Alerting & reporting

Integrated monitoring, alerting and reporting features across all connected devices, providing reliable and fully automated peace of mind

Compliance workflows

Environmental compliance reports, evidence and workflows provide full visibility and control to maintain productivity and minimise delays

Open software

Connect all internet enabled monitoring devices on your site to get a consolidated view of your entire project

Predictive analytics

Multiple connected devices on a site allow for interpolation between devices and prediction of project performance using AI/ML

SiteHive Environment Monitoring

Low Cost IoT Device

Key environmental sensors

SiteHive devices are a composite environmental monitoring solution, with noise, vibration, air quality, dust, temperature and humidity sensors


Easily deploy SiteHive devices across your project as they are self configuring, making getting them on site and online quick and easy

Reduce false positives

Connecting multiple devices on a site enables predictive analytics, interpolating between devices to determine true sources of exceedences

SiteHive Founders

Ben Cooper-Woolley


Ben is passionate about the role of technology in the built environment, and has led innovative digital projects and initiatives across the world

Adam Ferguson


Adam is an experienced IT Executive with a passion for building tech businesses, and solving real world problems through technology