SiteHive transforms how people manage environmental compliance. We harness modern technology to provide software and monitoring devices that are not only easy to use, but deliver dramatic time and cost savings.

A new way to work...

SiteHive allows people to work in better ways. Intelligent cloud software presents all key information in one, easy-to-understand dashboard, and multi-sensor devices deliver live environmental data directly from site. With SiteHive you get a complete picture of what's happening on your site - in real time, from wherever you are.

So much easier...

SiteHive makes things easier on every level, from setting up on site, all the way through to reporting. With SiteHive you'll spend far less time collecting and processing data, investigating site events, and reporting. SiteHive saves time, across the board.

Confidence in your decisions and actions...

SiteHive gives you real-time access to site data. Directional sound maps, images and sound recordings allow you to identify and explain events quickly. You can confidently make decisions in the moment - knowing they are backed by data - and proactively manage events.


With SiteHive, you're in great company

You'll find SiteHive on construction projects of all scales and sizes, across Australia and New Zealand. People really love SiteHive, here's what they say:

SiteHive just makes our lives so much easier. It’s super, super easy to manage, especially when working from home. It’s great for audits, and we get alerts in real-time so we can maintain compliance to our Environmental Performance Requirements.

Shara Tomlins - Environmental Advisor, CPB Contractors

It's very addictive and I find it very difficult not to look at the data many, many, many times a day!!

I am very happy with the ability and ease of identifying and monitoring site activities using the SiteHive devices. It cuts down time and costs associated with attended monitoring.

David Bone - Technical Leader, Construction Environmental Management, EMM Consulting

Holy cow! This is amazing. Enviros like me commiserate on all the days and hours of time we’ve wasted chasing down data, driving around back blocks, dragging things through the mud.

Kelie Pittaway - Managing Director, Water Bear Solutions

Using SiteHive has been a huge time saving. In the past we would have to download data and convert it into the right format for each device. Now it’s automatic - the data is right there and it’s put against our rules. It’s a big saving just on that - probably a day a month.

Claire Mcpherson - CPBACC JV

“Using the SiteHive software is great - it’s very easy to use and it looks good. It’s intuitive and also easy to show colleagues, so we could all use it.”

Henry McKee - Site Engineer, McConnell Dowell

The SiteHive Hexanode is a nifty piece of kit. It provides more data than expensive monitors on an ongoing basis. We like the directional sound capabilities and the images. And it’s very cost efficient.

Jon May - Environment and Sustainability Lead, CPBACC JV

ISCA Certified

SiteHive is certified by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA).

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