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SiteHive software and devices transform how people manage environmental impact. We harness modern technology to provide solutions that are easy to use and deliver dramatic time and cost savings.

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Discover SiteHive Audio Classifier, our new AI-powered tool that lends an attentive ear to your site 24/7. Integrated within SiteHive Enviro Pro, it identifies the source of your site’s noise exceedances in real time.


SiteHive Enviro

SiteHive Enviro is intuitive software that takes environmental data from any source. Industry-specific workflows save time and effort at every stage, while innovative features make things easy. With SiteHive it's easy and enjoyable to see what's happening on site - all the time, from wherever you are.

Manage all environmental aspects from one place

SiteHive Hexanode

A family of innovative devices that deliver real-time data plus rich contextual information: images, audio files and more. Designed for the rigours of site use, they are light, mobile and fully automated - just set and forget. Plus SiteHive Hexanodes come with subscription pricing that keeps your costs low.

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"With SiteHive it’s instantaneous. The immediacy makes it more meaningful as we can deal with things straight away."

Shara Robertson, West Gate Tunnel Project


“Using SiteHive has been a huge time saving. In the past we would have to download data and convert it into the right format for each device. Now it’s automatic - the data is right there and it’s put against our rules.”

Claire McPherson, Western Sydney Airport Bulk Earthworks


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