Managing water
with SiteHive

From capturing surface water measurements on site, to automated processing of laboratory analyses, SiteHive Enviro has a rich feature set to save you time and lower your costs managing surface water.

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Save time with SiteHive

SiteHive Enviro Pro makes managing surface water impacts a breeze. Our Attended App streamlines field data collection; your lab results are automatically processed and analysed; and water telemetry devices can be integrated to enable real-time tracking.

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Attended measurements made easy

The SiteHive Attended App allows onsite measurements to be captured, analysed and reported instantly.

Capture pH, temperature, conductivity, salinity, turbidity and dissolved oxygen instantly in the field.

Add thresholds, contextual images and live weather data.

Manage alongside all your other environmental data in SiteHive Enviro Pro.

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Easy lab analysis

Instant email processing

Forward your lab results to SiteHive, and see them immediately available for analysis.

ANZG and custom thresholds

Compare hundreds of analyses at the click of a button, applying standard or custom thresholds.

All major laboratories

SiteHive supports any laboratory able to send data via email, including ALS, EnviroLab and more.

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Real-time water monitoring

You can integrate your telemetry devices directly into SiteHive Enviro Pro, so you can track all your water parameters easily and in real time.

Track water parameters such as turbidity, electrical conductivity and dissolved oxygen concentration.

Manage alongside all your other environmental data in SiteHive Enviro Pro.

Monitor parameters in real time, with a range of management and reporting options.

“We switched to SiteHive water monitoring and now we have the data immediately. Our subcontractors enter readings and images directly into their phones, and it’s automatically there in SiteHive with all the other data.”

Brian Pinkman, Sustainability Manager


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