Lower your costs

Research with clients shows that SiteHive can lower environmental management costs by at least 50%. Every project using SiteHive has become more efficient, and saved money.

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A better pricing model

SiteHive is provided on a monthly subscription/rental, so you benefit from:

Lower costs

The monthly subscription includes all software and devices, including calibration, servicing and device replacements. There's no costly capital outlay; no obsolete technology; no old devices to deal with when the project finishes.

Always up to date

We continuously and automatically update your SiteHive Enviro software and device firmware, so you always benefit from the latest technology.

More flexibility

You only pay for what you need, when you need it. You have the flexibility to increase/decrease the number of devices as your project evolves.


Choose the software and devices that suit you

SiteHive Hexanode Multi (noise & dust)$700 (ex.GST) per device, per monthIncludes SiteHive Enviro software
SiteHive Hexanode Noise$550 (ex.GST) per device, per monthIncludes SiteHive Enviro software
SiteHive Hexanode Vibration$450 (ex. GST) per device, per monthIncludes SiteHive Enviro software

The pricing above includes rental of the stated SiteHive Hexanode device and SiteHive Enviro software for unlimited users. It includes ongoing updates to your software and firmware, as well as all device calibration, servicing and replacements if needed. The pricing is per device, per month, and does not include GST.

If your device requires calibration, or if there are ever any faults, we will send you a replacement at no cost to you. Simply return the old device to us - we'll even provide a return postage label.

If you require additional functionality, such as events management, attended monitoring or integration to your devices, simply add SiteHive Enviro Pro software too. You'll find a detailed list below of what's included in SiteHive Enviro, and which features are in SiteHive Enviro Pro.

SiteHive Enviro Pro software$500 (ex.GST)The pricing for SiteHive Enviro Pro is per month, regardless of the number or type of devices used. SiteHive Enviro Pro adds advanced features such as the Audio Classifier, events management, attended monitoring and external device integration. See below for the full list.
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“With SiteHive the costs are a lot lower.”

Andrew Churcher, Level Crossing Removal Project


Software features by product

Choose the software that best suits your needs

SiteHive EnviroSiteHive Enviro Pro
Real-time data from SiteHive Hexanode devices
Dashboard to see all project data in one place
Key stats across reporting periods
Fast, graphical analysis and reporting
Set thresholds for all graphs
Individuals logins for unlimited users
Email and SMS notifications
Weather data from BOM & Open Weather Map
AI-powered Audio Classifier
Event investigation and management
Attended monitoring app for field measurements
Customisable periodic (e.g. monthly) PDF reports
Advanced calculations, e.g. background levels
Stakeholder view for clients/communities
Connect your own noise, dust, vibration & weather devices
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