SiteHive for roads

Road works usually mean noise, dust and disruption for communities. SiteHive helps teams monitor and minimise environmental impacts, with a range of features that make it easier for teams and better for communities.


SiteHive transforms how teams manage noise, dust, vibration and surface water impacts on road projects. From highly mobile devices that provide real-time and contextual data, to intuitive software that delivers the information you need to comply, manage and act.

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Designed for road projects

Small, compact devices that are highly mobile

SiteHive Hexanode devices can be moved easily as your works progress. Fully automated, they deliver data from your new location in seconds.

Rich contextual media

SiteHive Hexanodes capture AI classified audio and images, clearly highlighting the causes of noise and dust.

Dust tracking and alerts

Be alerted before you exceed dust daily averages, so you can take proactive action to prevent issues occurring.


Manage all your environmental aspects from one place

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Fast, easy reporting

Instant PDF reports

Generate elegant PDF reports instantly, with site-specific configurations saved for next use.

Statistics and analysis

Calculate background levels (RBLs) at the click of a button, and understand key stats and trends across time.

Share data with stakeholders

Configure and share a link to a curated view of your site for stakeholders and teams.


“We set thresholds for PM10 and PM2.5 in line with our contractual obligations and SiteHive alerts us if there are near exceedances. This means we can get in front of any problems and go and sort out the issue.”

Jonathan Rowlands, Environment Manager, Monash Freeway Upgrade

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