SiteHive for rail

SiteHive's innovative devices and software have made us the choice for rail projects nationwide, with a range of specific features that help teams monitor, manage and minimise environmental impacts.


With SiteHive, noise, dust, vibration and surface water are all under your control. Highly mobile, automated devices provide real-time and contextual data 24/7, while SiteHive's intuitive software allows you to manage everything from one screen, wherever you are.

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Designed for rail projects

Calculates ground-borne noise in real time

With SiteHive Enviro you can see the impact of vibration as it happens, allowing you to manage and minimise it.

Rich contextual media

SiteHive Hexanodes capture AI classified audio and images, clearly highlighting whether noise is caused by site work or passing trains.

Dust tracking and alerts

Be alerted before you exceed dust daily averages, so you can take proactive action to prevent issues occurring.


Manage all your environmental aspects from one place

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Fast, easy reporting

Instant PDF reports

Generate elegant PDF reports instantly, with site-specific configurations saved for next use.

Statistics and analysis

Calculate background levels (RBLs) at the click of a button, and understand key stats and trends across time.

Share data with stakeholders

Configure and share a link to a curated view of your site for stakeholders and teams.


“Using SiteHive we can see exactly what’s causing an issue, and address it immediately if we need to. We can work proactively and minimise the impact on the environment and local communities.”

Kory Wright, Environmental Manager, Level Crossing Removals South East Program Alliance

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