Case study: More Trains, More Services

Transport for NSW initiative
Laing O'Rourke

Using SiteHive devices and software the team is able to manage environmental impact proactively across a very large site with many close and sensitive communities, as they upgrade train lines in NSW.


Laing O'Rourke




More Trains, More Services


SiteHive Enviro Pro, SiteHive Hexanode Multi

The challenge

Manage noise and dust impacts across nine rail station upgrades spread across over 100km.

More Trains, More Services (MTMS) is an initiative of Transport for NSW designed to transform the rail network and provide customers with more reliable, high capacity services. Laing O’Rourke is working with KBR to upgrade stations and stabling yards on the Illawarra line to accommodate new trains.

Working across nine stations spread over more than 100 kilometres - from Kingsgrove to Kiama - the team found it hard to do the noise and dust monitoring required. They also needed to understand the actual causes of events better. Many of the worksites are alongside busy highways, so there was already a lot of traffic, dust and general noise. It wasn’t clear how often events were caused by the actual site works.

The solution

Using SiteHive Hexanode Multi devices, the team was able to monitor noise and dust together continuously. The highly mobile devices allowed them to monitor wherever works were occurring, and see the impact immediately in SiteHive Enviro Pro software.

The MTMS team implemented SiteHive Hexanode devices to provide real-time noise, dust and weather information. They also measure vibration using their own device, with all the data linked in to SiteHive Enviro Pro software. With this, the team can see a full picture of noise, dust, vibration and weather information in one, easy-to-understand dashboard, which they can use to manage the environmental impact proactively from wherever they are.

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"During works we provide community respite. On the first weekend we gave out 110 vouchers. After implementing SiteHive this came down to just 10! This saving alone paid for SiteHive many times over."

Tahli Moore
MTMS project, Laing O'Rourke

Benefits and features

Covered a large area with minimal effort

The SiteHive devices are automated and can be moved easily. They allowed the team to cover a 100km site area, without the need to travel. The team simply moved the devices as needed, and they automatically start monitoring in new locations.

Noise event causes were identified quickly and easily

Images, sound maps and audio files allowed the exact cause of noise to be identified, and showed that many exceedances were actually not caused by site noise.

Major savings on community respite

The team saved thousands of dollars in community respite payments. They were also able to keep the local communities better informed throughout, which built better community relationships.

A complete site record is always on hand

The MTMS team is now getting a lot more data and information than previously. With SiteHive Hexanodes monitoring continuously, the environmental team has access to information 24/7 and a complete database record of all site activities.

Clients view information directly via the Stakeholder View

The team can share a curated view of the live data directly from SiteHive Enviro. Tahli says that "our clients really like that we can provide continuous and live data. It's a new way to comply and they are impressed."

"With SiteHive we can view specific time periods, listen to the audio, and view the pictures. So we see if noise was caused by a car or a person, rather than the works. It’s great to have that information."

Tahli Moore
Laing O'Rourke

MTMS case study - Tahli Moore quote.png

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