About us

Born out of the construction industry, SiteHive is a genuine innovation story.

SiteHive provides environmental management for today's world. Innovation is at the heart of what we do. We love working with academics, researchers and industry experts to turn great ideas into products that help transform how people work: making it easier, more effective, lower cost. All our products are designed, engineered and manufactured by SiteHive.

Awarded by industry

SiteHive has been widely recognised across industry for consistently delivering impactful innovations. This has resulted in a number of prestigious awards, including a Good Design Gold Award, Property Council of Australia Best New Proptech, and being named by CEMEX Ventures as one of the Top 50 startups globally.

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Sustainability at heart

For SiteHive, sustainability extends way beyond the environmental impact of construction. SiteHive partners with CNS Precision Assembly, a social enterprise organisation, to manufacture and assemble the custom electronics that are integral to SiteHive Hexanodes.

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