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SiteHive’s software and devices enable proactive dust management. Get the data you need to prevent issues, protect communities, and comply with industry standards. Our air and respirable dust monitoring gives you real-time insights. See how easy air monitoring and compliance can be with our dust monitoring service. Discover how SiteHive can make a difference today.

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Innovative devices

SiteHive Hexanode devices make air monitoring a breeze. These small, robust, and automated dust monitors can be deployed anywhere. They provide continuous, real-time data on exposure to respirable dust particles, along with rich contextual images and audio. Experience comprehensive air monitoring services that let you see and hear what's causing dust on your site, ensuring you're always in control of dust levels.

Innovative features let you work in new ways
Our innovative features let you work in new ways. Our dust monitoring services use state-of-the-art equipment to provide comprehensive air monitoring solutions. By tracking particulate levels, you can ensure worker health and safety. These devices offer a proactive approach to dust control, making it easier to manage dust and maintain compliance. Explore our advanced dust monitoring solutions today.

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Airborne dust sampling

Airborne dust sampling
Our innovative devices excel in airborne dust monitoring, regularly sampling for particles in the air. Designed to keep the environment safe, these dust monitoring solutions ensure accurate readings and real-time data on air quality. By focusing on comprehensive sampling, our devices give valuable insights into environmental conditions, helping you maintain compliance, ensure your workers’ health, and minimize any harmful impacts on the community.


Time-saving software

SiteHive Enviro brings all the information you need to manage dust at your site right to your fingertips, giving you real-time monitoring and saving you valuable time. With our innovative software, you can control everything from one easy-to-use dashboard. Industry-specific workflows streamline every stage, offering comprehensive solutions for efficient dust management. You’ll have seamless, real-time site management with SiteHive’s advanced monitoring software.

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Quick and easy reporting

With SiteHive's real-time site monitoring, collecting data is quick and easy. Analyze dust levels and generate comprehensive reporting effortlessly. The devices offer detailed analysis, ensuring you have accurate data at your fingertips. Keep your site compliant and protect the community with this cutting-edge monitoring solution. Real-time reporting allows for swift action and efficient data management.

Instant PDF reports

Generate elegant PDF reports instantly, with site-specific configurations saved for next use. SiteHive’s advanced dust monitoring devices offer real-time data collection and quick reporting. Stay on top of your site’s dust levels with our user-friendly monitoring and reporting features. Instantly share real-time data with stakeholders and ensure compliance.

Statistics and analysis

Calculate and track daily averages, and understand key statistics and trends across time with our advanced data monitoring devices. SiteHive offers real-time analysis of airborne dust, helping you maintain a clean site. Dive deep into the data to monitor air quality and make informed decisions. Our user-friendly platform ensures you capture essential site statistics effortlessly, making data analysis straightforward and effective.

Share data with stakeholders

A stakeholder view lets you share a curated view of your data with stakeholders and teams. On your site, seamless monitoring and reporting ensure everyone’s informed and engaged. Our solutions provide real-time insights, so you can easily collaborate and make informed decisions. With SiteHive, data sharing and stakeholder engagement are streamlined, making your monitoring efforts more effective than ever.

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Awarded by industry

SiteHive is a leader in the air quality industry and received accolades in 2022, including the Clean Air Society of Australia & New Zealand's Innovation Award. Our monitoring devices meet rigorous industry standards, ensuring compliance and precision. We've been recognized for our contributions to the site monitoring sector, upholding the highest levels of industry compliance and earning prestigious awards for our innovative solutions.
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“We get Alerts on dust levels, so we can contact the subcontractors and get them to spray down the area. We can be proactive and make sure there’s no impact on the community or the environment.”

Kiara Sparks, Laing O'Rourke


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