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North East Link Early Works,
CPB Contractors

Implementing SiteHive has allowed CPB Contractors to minimise environmental impact across a major infrastructure project, making it easier to deal with multiple subcontractors and freeing up time to focus on the important issues.


CPB Contractors


Infrastructure construction


North East Link Early Works


SiteHive Enviro Pro, SiteHive Hexanode Multi

The challenge

Use technology to automate environmental monitoring and
work efficiently with multiple subcontractors.

CPB Contractors manages the early works in an infrastructure project that involves moving all utilities. This significant undertaking involves relocating electricity, gas, water, telecommunications, and sewers across a broad area. All work is done in accordance with the Environmental Protection Requirements (EPR), and a key part of the project's success depends on keeping clients, communities and stakeholders informed.

As the managing contractor, CPB deals with 7 to 10 subcontractors at once. Thus, the environmental team needed to find a way to manage all subcontractors easily and ensure everyone was meeting the EPR. With increasingly stringent oversight and penalties from the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA), the team also needed to ensure they were managing any water quality issues and had the data to prove it.

Brian Pinkman, Sustainability Manager, explained, “The Enviro team can’t be on-site 24/7, so we needed a solution that would automate monitoring and give us the tools to manage things and understand what’s happening across all site activity.”

The solution

CPB Contractors decided to implement SiteHive’s real-time environmental management technology across the site for all its subcontractors.

The team implemented SiteHive Hexanode devices at strategic locations of the site to continuously monitor noise, dust and vibration. The data collected from all SiteHive Hexanodes is available to everyone in real-time through the cloud-based software, SiteHive Enviro. Because the data is shown in graphical form, it is easy for subcontractors to see what’s happening on-site. The CPB Contractor team also started using SiteHive’s solution to manage water aspects on site, which has enabled them to adopt a more proactive approach to managing water quality issues.

Aerial Digger Truck.jpg

The SiteHive graphs are great. I use them to demonstrate things to people. For example, I can show a contractor visually the impact of leaving the engine running on a truck, and they get it. It’s really helpful in communicating the impact.

Brian Pinkman - Sustainability Manager, CPB Contractors

Benefits and features

Easy access and reporting for all subcontractors

All subcontractors have access to real-time environmental data, with automated visualisation, analysis, and reporting that is easy to use and understand. When a threshold is exceeded, they enter the details required to explain the gap or discrepancy. Brian says, “With SiteHive, we’re able to monitor the subcontractors and be the first line of defence. If we see any issues, we flag them immediately so they can address them quickly.”

Keeping stakeholders informed at any time

Because they monitor continuously, the team has a complete, 24/7 record that they can use to respond to requests. Brian says, “SiteHive is great for working with regulators and keeping people informed. We have proof that we are complying all the time—it shows we are responsible. We can also access the information immediately. SiteHive saves us a lot of time and energy when responding to requests: when our client asks for information to respond to a community complaint, for example, we can get it to them in minutes.”

Pro-active decision making

Using SiteHive Water also allows the team to develop a baseline of water quality against which they can monitor. Brian explains, “There’s a lot of natural change in the water system, so having all the data in SiteHive means we have a baseline over time. It’s really helpful, as we can see what’s likely to be natural and what’s not.”

More time for the important things

Using SiteHive has allowed the CPB team to shift how they spend their time and focus. All the routine work and monitoring is now done automatically, which frees up the team for more important activities.

While focussing on other work, the team still keeps track of things by receiving alerts if there are any issues on site. SiteHive sends out SMS and email messages if any thresholds are reached, based on rules that the team sets themselves. Brian says, “Using SiteHive frees up time for us - both physically and mentally - so we can focus on other issues while knowing that noise and community impact are being looked after.”

Lower costs

Using SiteHive has also allowed the team to minimise project costs. Before starting, they completed a cost-benefit analysis, and the savings stacked up in several areas. For example, in previous projects, the CPB team had to mandate consultants to come on-site to monitor noise at least once every week. Now, they only need consultants when required to respond to specific complaints. SiteHive Hexanodes also proved to be cheaper than standard noise monitoring devices. For example, Brian cited a subcontractor who wanted to buy a $10k noise monitor for a few months of work. “That makes no sense when you can use SiteHive.”

We no longer have to deal with multiple spreadsheets or programs or spend time processing the data—it’s just all there in one place. We got all the subcontractors using SiteHive, so the CPB team can manage everything that’s happening on-site from off-site.

Brian Pinkman - Sustainability Manager, CPB Contractors

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