Case study: Infrastucture project

Laing O'Rourke

Using SiteHive in this significant infrastructure project allowed Laing O’Rourke to be a good neighbour and protect important natural sanctuaries - while also slashing monitoring costs.


Laing O'Rourke


Infrastructure construction


Medium-sized infrastructure project


SiteHive Enviro Pro, SiteHive Hexanode Multi

The challenge

Manage 30+ subcontractors efficiently while protecting natural sanctuaries in nationally-protected areas surrounded by sensitive receivers.

The Laing O’Rourke team is working on a medium-sized infrastructure project in an industrial area that also includes a marine sanctuary, natural greenbelt reserves and an important bird sanctuary. There are also communities nearby, who are understandably keen to protect both themselves and their natural environment.

Each of LOR's 15 subcontractors was mandated to conduct their own noise and dust monitoring. Making sense of all the disparate data was time-consuming and difficult. And with 30 more subcontractors due to come on board, the team needed a more efficient and effective solution.

The solution

The LOR team implemented SiteHive real-time environmental management devices and software, which all the subcontractors then used to improve and standardise monitoring across the site.

After preparing a business case that showed significant cost and other benefits, the LOR team deployed SiteHive Hexanode Multi monitors, which capture information on both noise and dust, and use SiteHive Enviro Pro software to manage the information in real time.

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"It was important to have something that monitors 24/7, and that tracks all the data so that we can go back and check what has happened. SiteHive gives us a complete record."

Kiara Sparks
Laing O'Rourke

Benefits and features

Proactive management allows LOR to be a "good neighbour"

Using SiteHive has allowed the team to manage the site proactively, and prevent issues before they happen. They use Alerts within the software to be notified of any rising levels of noise or dust.

Easier council approvals

SiteHive has made working with the local Council easier, as the team has all the data they need to obtain approvals and ensure they are not impacting the local environment. The team uses SiteHive to get the base level of ambient noise, such as car traffic, and can show they are not exceeding this during regular works, such as concrete pours.

Major cost savings

Significantly lower costs have been one of the major benefits of implementing SiteHive. Initially, all subcontractors were required to do noise and dust monitoring - which added significantly to the overall project costs. With SiteHive, the LOR team has been able to remove these costs from the project entirely.

Time-saving reporting

Using SiteHive Enviro Pro allows the team to report quickly and easily in line with their commitments. Kiara says, "I used to spend at least two days a month converting the data and doing our own reports. Now all the data is available in SiteHive Enviro all the time, and it just spits out a report when you need it.”

"By using SiteHive we were able to remove noise and dust monitoring from the scope of work for all our subcontractors. This has meant a very big drop in our costs."

Kiara Sparks
Laing O'Rourke


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