McConnell Dowell used SiteHive to manage environmental impacts and reduce project costs while building major pipeline infrastructure to protect the waters and beaches of Auckland.


McConnell Dowell


Tunneling, infrastructure construction


Healthy Waters Project, St Marys Bay, Auckland


SiteHive Enviro Pro, SiteHive Hexanode Multi

The challenge

Keeping noise and vibration levels to a minimum to protect local communities.

St Marys Bay is an inner coastal suburb of Auckland and one of New Zealand’s oldest and most historic areas. As part of its Healthy Waters management plan, Auckland Council commissioned McConnell Dowell to build infrastructure, including tunnelling, shafts, drainage, and concrete, to improve wastewater management and water quality in the area.

One of the project's main challenges was ensuring it had a limited impact on local communities. To do so, the McConnell Dowell team agreed to noise levels they had to adhere to and specific hours during which they were allowed to work. One of the tunnel shafts was particularly challenging, as it was in a very tight space in a crowded residential area.

“Having a 25m deep hole in a small residential space is difficult, and we needed to make sure we managed the noise and vibration levels throughout the works.”

Henry McKee
Site Engineer, McConnell Dowell

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The solution

Keeping residents informed as they worked to bring healthier waters and better beaches to St Marys Bay.

McConnell Dowell implemented cloud-based software, SiteHive Enviro Pro, to visualise and manage their environmental impact in real time. Linking through SiteHive Hexanode for noise monitoring and a Bartec Rock unit for vibration, the platform allowed the team to see what’s happening on-site and monitor the environmental impacts at all times and from anywhere—giving them confidence and security when dealing with residents and other stakeholders.

Using SiteHive also allowed the team to save on project costs. Before, they would have needed external consultants to deal with community complaints. Now, with SiteHive Enviro Pro, they have the information they need at their fingertips to immediately make informed decisions and respond to complaints with contextual and accurate data and reporting.

Henry says, “With SiteHive, there’s no need to have consultants, so it saves us both costs and time. We don’t have to spend time with consultants, and we don’t have to do the monitoring ourselves.”


Benefits and features

One easy-to-use platform centralises all the data

All the noise and vibration data was synced in SiteHive’s dashboard in real time. It was presented in graphical and image formats, making it easy to understand at a glance. The team could see what was happening on-site at all times.

A full record of site events with 24/7 data

Thanks to SiteHive, the team had a complete record of all the data, allowing them to respond to the local communities quickly and confidently.

More efficiency, lower costs

SiteHive easy-to-use and easy-to-understand platform gave them the confidence to monitor their environmental impact without the help of consultants.

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“Having a full record of all the data gives us security. If we get complaints from residents, we have the data to show exactly what happened. For example, we may be able to show that a noise was for a short period, or that it wasn't a site issue. It's nice having all the data there knowing you can respond well to the community.”

Henry McKee
Site Engineer, McConnell Dowell

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