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Saving time and costs by using SiteHive to manage environmental impact

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“Before SiteHive, we would have had to employ one person full time to get this information - so it’s made a big difference.”

Shari Rankin, Mawsons Concrete and Quarries

Mawsons Concrete & Quarries is a leading construction materials supplier based in Victoria and New South Wales. Managing 16 quarries, 40 concrete plants and 7 landscaping centres, the Mawsons team is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for teams, contractors, customers and the greater community, as well as ensuring they treat the environment with respect.


Easy to manage multiple sites

Mawsons can now manage more sites efficiently over a large geographical area, including remote locations.

Better understanding

SiteHive shows the team clearly what's happening on site, enabling proactive management.

Lower costs

The team is able to do more more monitoring for less cost.

Managing large areas and multiple sites

Managing Mawsons’ diverse and geographically spread sites is the responsibility of two regional resource development and environment managers: Shari Rankin for NSW and Cheryl Ward in Victoria. The two managers work across large areas to ensure the environmental impact of the sites is minimised.

Shari Rankin explains, “We're managing the environmental impact of a large number of sites on an ongoing basis. We need technology to help with this, and our old solutions weren’t working for us. We were having to do a lot of hand-held monitoring for noise, and using deposition jars for dust. We had monitors too, but they were very heavy and hard to use. We weren’t getting all the information we needed.”

Mawsons chose SiteHive after a comprehensive market review

Mawsons understood that new technologies could make a difference for them, and so they investigated the market. Following an extensive review, Mawsons chose SiteHive for their real-time environmental monitoring and management. Shari says, “We looked at a lot of different companies and options because we wanted to be sure we got it right. As well as the technology side, we wanted a company that would work with us on an ongoing basis, and it was important for us to keep our costs down.”

From understanding baseline noise to responding to communities

The Mawsons team has implemented four SiteHive Hexanode Multi devices, which monitor noise and dust in a single device, at different locations. The team uses the devices for a variety of purposes.

Shari explained, “We are using SiteHive Hexanodes at new quarry sites to gather data so that we can calculate background noise levels. With SiteHive we have an accurate understanding of the baseline noise at the locations, and we’re then able to see if there’s additional noise due to quarry operations.”

Two more SiteHive Hexanode Multis are at concrete sites, and they are being used so that the team can be responsive to local communities. Mawsons’ concrete facilities are in industrial areas, and so they are at work alongside other industries. The team uses SiteHive to quantify and categorise noise and dust, and identify where it’s coming from.

"With SiteHive we can do dust and noise together at the same site. We can also tap into the onsite weather monitoring, and manage surface water. We manage it all in SiteHive Enviro Pro.”

Shari Rankin, Mawsons Concrete and Quarries

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The SiteHive Hexanode devices capture continuous real-time data, as well as images and audio of events. AI technology then automatically categorises the noise and dust data to save time for the team. In their SiteHive Enviro software, the Mawsons team can see what noise and dust is being caused by road and rail traffic, or other external aspects, and what’s being made by the concrete facilities.

Shari says, “On some sites we have low noise limits, but there are also extraneous noise sources such as highways. SiteHive captures noise events and attributes to sources, which are often external. We can see what noise we are making and what’s coming from elsewhere.”

Shari says the SiteHive devices and software have been a big time and cost saving for them, “Before SiteHive, we would have had to employ one person full time to get this information, so it’s a big difference.”

SiteHive allows broad oversight over multiple and remote locations

Using SiteHive gives the Mawsons resource team a much broader reach and oversight of their operations. For example, there is a SiteHive Hexanode device currently in place in Mildura, located about 6 hours drive from Melbourne.

Shari says, “The SiteHive Hexanode Multi is really easy to use and portable. We just sent the Mildura team the device with instructions and they set it up themselves - it’s really easy to do. Previously we would have had to wait until we were doing a trip out that way. Now we can be monitoring in remote places immediately, and we have access to all the data through SiteHive Enviro.”

Easy to manage multiple aspects: noise, dust, water and weather

Another advantage of using SiteHive devices and software is that the team can monitor and manage multiple monitoring streams at the same time. Shari says, “With SiteHive we can do dust and noise together at the same site. We can also tap into the onsite weather monitoring, and we can manage it all in SiteHive Enviro.”

The Mawsons team also uses SiteHive Enviro to manage surface water quality at their quarry sites. Lab results from water collected on site are automatically imported into their SiteHive Enviro Pro software, making them available alongside all their other data. This allows the team to interrogate and analyse the data easily. Shari says, “Previously our water data was difficult to interrogate. Now it’s all in SiteHive Enviro Pro and it’s easy to analyse and see trends.”

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"Previously our water data was difficult to interrogate. Now it’s all in SiteHive Enviro Pro and it’s easy to analyse and see trends.”

Shari Rankin, Mawsons Concrete and Quarries

The Mawsons teams across NSW and Victoria have access to SiteHive Enviro and are using it on an ongoing basis. All team members can see the environmental impact of activity in real time, and Shari says this keeps it top of mind, “Everyone can see what’s happening in SiteHive Enviro, so it’s a good visual reminder for people of their obligations.”

SiteHive Enviro is useful for individual team members too. For example, one of the quarry managers enters her observations into the Daily Notes feature, which provides a full record of what’s happening on individual sites as they have monitored data alongside on-the-ground observations.

Overall, using SiteHive Hexanode devices and SiteHive Enviro Pro software has helped the Mawsons team to better understand and manage their operations. They are able to do more monitoring, take proactive action as required, minimise environmental impact, and have safer work sites.

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