SiteHive Hexanode devices

Our award-winning family of devices combine reliable measurements with innovative features. Capture real-time data and rich contextual information with ease.

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Innovation on site

Designed for the rigours of construction, SiteHive Hexanodes are small, mobile and fully automated.

Easy to use

Simply place on site and SiteHive Hexanodes immediately start delivering real-time data.

Low power requirements

Drawing very low wattage, SiteHive Hexanodes can run indefinitely on a 10 or 20 Watt solar panel, or 3-6+ weeks on a 36aH battery.

Directional media

Wide-angle cameras capture clear images of site events. Multiple microphones capture 360 audio.

Reliable real-time data, plus
rich contextual information


Certified as Class 2 sound level meters in line with IEC 61672 requirements.

Innovative optical particle counter technology

Real-time PM2.5 and PM10 measurements, calibrated with a K-Factor.

Images and audio files

Identify events with clear sound and vision direct from site.


Lower costs

SiteHive's subscription pricing means there's no need to buy devices. Plus we automatically update, so you're always using the latest technology.

More flexibility

With SiteHive you have the flexibility to increase or decrease the number of devices as your project evolves. You only pay for what you use.

Multiple set-up options

Solar, battery or mains power.
Stand or bracket mounting.
Custom package options.

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“We assembled the frame with a solar panel and hooked in the battery, and that was it - we were operational in a few minutes.”

Matt Boomsma, Environment Manager

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"The SiteHive Hexanode is a nifty piece of kit. We like the directional capabilities and the images. And it’s very cost efficient."

Jon May, Western Sydney Airport Bulk Earthworks

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Power and mounting

Find detailed help articles about how to power, mount and orient your SiteHive Hexanodes in the SiteHive Support Centre.


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